CIMATRI uses an array of quantitative and qualitative assessment tools. Our independence gives you the objectivity required for a holistic, “big-picture” view of your organization’s technology.     


Key to creating a strategic IT plan and solving IT problems is understanding what technology resources you have and how they are used.   

IT resources include: 

  • People – who uses the systems, who maintains the systems, and what are their skillsets? What skillsets are required for optimum use? Do you have them?
  • Processes – how are the IT resources used? Are the processes documented? Are processes as streamlined and easy as they could be?
  • Technology – do you have the right technology in place? Are you using it as effectively as you could?

CIMATRI’s experienced consultants are skilled in assembling this information in an understandable, “non-techie” manner and making solid recommendations so that you can make the best strategic decisions.   


IT Security isn’t just about penetration testing and spam filters; it is also about how people use the technology and how they are instructed to do so.  

Ask yourself these questions:  

  • Do you have security policies in place for all of your IT assets?
  • Do your staff know what these policies are?
  • Do your vendors understand these policies?
  • Have your staff members been trained in security best practices?

CIMATRI retains a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) on staff and can compare your current security practices to best practices and offer recommendations for remediation. 

aPPLICation evaluation

Are you using the right IT business management tools? How do you know?  An application evaluation will give you an objective view of the tools you are currently using and how they stack up.  Backed by industry research powered by Info-Tech, CIMATRI can help you review your current state of business and IT applications and make recommendations to improve them, either through replacement or better use processes and procedures.   

data governance

Having quality data easily accessible is the key to making the right strategic decisions for your organization.  Becoming a Data-Driven Association requires that you have a solid data governance strategy.  

A solid data governance program will help you understand: 

  • What data you have
  • How it is collected
  • Where it is stored
  • Who is responsible for maintaining it
  • How to maintain quality
  • How to ensure compliance with data privacy regulations

CIMATRI’s consultants are experienced— indeed, experts— in managing data governance challenges and will guide your team to making sure you have a good program in place— and in action.