The Data Quality Assessment for Associations

Get better data today to make better decisions tomorrow

You cannot make important decisions without good data. Our Data Quality Assessment uncovers gaps and opportunities to make your data work for you, and gives you an immediate plan to ensure the right person has the right information at the right time.

Who It’s For

If any of these red flags apply, then this data quality assessment is for you.

We can't rely on our data.

We’re missing key information.

How good is our data, really?

Routine analysis tasks take too long.

We don’t know who owns what data.

How can we become data-driven?

How It Works

This program requires low effort from you but delivers high impact.


Key data users and decision makers take assessment


We analyze the results and develop a strategic plan


You receive detailed priorities and an action plan

What Our Clients Say


“Cimatri helped us fundamentally re-examine what information we ask for and how we get it. They really helped us improve our data accuracy and determine what business questions our staff has that can be answered through information technology...They bring both the strategy and the solutions to help us solve that problem.”

Chief Executive Officer


“Our association had a lot of ambitions around becoming more data informed to make better decisions...We had a ton of data, but it was very unorganized and hard to access. We realized we needed to make some real structural changes to clean up our data and set it up in the right way so we could access it. That's when Cimatri was recommended...They really helped us out long-term in making sure we took the right steps and followed the right process to get to where we wanted to be."

David J., CAE, CPA, MBA
Chief Financial Officer

See how it works: Download a sample report.

Interested in what you’ll get? Download a sample Data Quality Assessment report to learn more.

How You Get Results

Uncover organizational challenges

Discover root causes of data quality issues

Get immediate improvement strategies

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How do we uncover your data needs?

What are the short-term benefits?

What are the methods used?

How long does the survey take to complete?

Can I customize the survey?

What is the timeframe for assessment completion?

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