voice recognition software for nonprofit associations

Talk to Me: How Voice Recognition and AI are changing the Game for Associations

What does voice recognition technology mean for nonprofits and associations? We’ve all heard it, right? “Alexa…play this song,” or “Siri…purchase this item.” These days, it’s not unusual to hear other people (or yourself, for that matter) talking out loud to a technical gadget. Voice recognition (VR) is on the rise, and with Apple’s Siri (via […]

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VR for associations trends

What’s the buzz? Virtual Reality for your Association

Virtual Reality (VR) is essentially what it sounds like—”near-reality,” or in this case, a specific type of reality emulation. VR refers to any technology that completely replaces what your eyes see. This is typically achieved by wearing a headset or lense of sorts that allows you to create heightened storytelling and an enhanced imaginary reality […]

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IT services and digital transformation for associations

What is the role of IT services in the world of digital transformation?

In today’s digital age, companies must change how they think, work, and interact with customers, partners, vendors and suppliers. Digital transformation is happening everywhere and it’s imperative to keep up. However, with the increasing level of complexity that accompanies the fast-paced, cloud-based digital world, staying ahead of the game requires going back to basics—that is, […]

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ASAE Annual Meeting 2017 Toronto

What to Expect at ASAE Annual Conference and Meeting 2017

ASAE Annual Meeting Master Class on Digital and Organizational Transformation Toronto, Ontario is where thousands of future-oriented industry partners and association professionals will gather this August for the ASAE Annual Conference AKA ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition. Over three days, attendees will learn about the latest association technology trends, outsourcing IT, nonprofit IT, change management strategies, […]

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Changing technologies for associations

Things Every Association Leader Should Know about Tech and Digital Transformation

Our continued conversations with nonprofit and association leaders has led us to explaining what we feel are the key components to digital transformation. My favorite commercial of all time was Apple’s Think Different campaign… “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who […]

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Digital Transformation or Managed Services for Associations

Managed Services vs. Managed Digital Transformation for Associations

Managed services or transformation services? As association leaders, we are finding that the old models for staffing, strategic planning and operations are insufficient to support digital transformation.  managed IT services (aka. ‘outsourcing’) have been a ‘go-to’ strategy for many organizations seeking to stabilize, standardize and simplify their technology operations. Yet, stable operations alone will not […]

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