digitalNow 2018 digital transformation associations

DigitalNow 2018: Digital Transformation – How to Build an Agile Association

Once again, the wizards at Fusion Productions assembled the venue, the content, and the attendees from across the association ecosystem to deliver another amazing digitalNow conference!  This year’s unifying theme was Digital Transformation with a concentrated focus on the intersection of strategy and tactics to enable the Agile Association. AI, Blockchain, and the Future of […]

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Ken Monblatt Cimatri Association Digital Transformation

Ken Monblatt announced as Cimatri’s COO

We have recently announced the appointment of former RCH, Inc. executive Ken Monblatt as the new Chief Operating Officer. Monblatt brings a variety of experience to his new role, from such venues as FORTRUST Data Center Services, Rhythms NetConnections, McLeod Communications, Paging Network, Inc., and Verizon Wireless. This addition will further fortify the already extraordinary […]

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Office 365 for associations

Office 365 Features Every Association and Nonprofit Should be Using

Associations and nonprofits typically face unique challenges regarding administration. Among these are a limited budget for IT support, and staff who are spread across different locations and prefer using their own devices for work. If these are among your top administrative challenges, then Microsoft Office 365 is a valuable tool that can measurably streamline your […]

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Mountain of Big Data

There’s Gold in that Mountain of Data: Big Data Uses

Your membership association can strike gold in the that ‘mountain of data’ you have If you didn’t know, now you do:  data can be one of your association’s greatest assets. Why? According to Association Analytics, it provides insights on your members and prospects, their interests and purchases, and specific insights into events, speakers, content, social […]

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Talk to Me: How Voice Recognition and AI are changing the Game for Associations

What does voice recognition technology mean for nonprofits and associations? We’ve all heard it, right? “Alexa…play this song,” or “Siri…purchase this item.” These days, it’s not unusual to hear other people (or yourself, for that matter) talking out loud to a technical gadget. Voice recognition (VR) is on the rise, and with Apple’s Siri (via […]

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What’s the buzz? Virtual Reality for your Association

Virtual Reality (VR) is essentially what it sounds like—”near-reality,” or in this case, a specific type of reality emulation. VR refers to any technology that completely replaces what your eyes see. This is typically achieved by wearing a headset or lense of sorts that allows you to create heightened storytelling and an enhanced imaginary reality […]

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