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  • Vendor Selection vs. Software Selection Sep 16, 2020
    When a system is supported by multiple vendors, it may be much easier to change vendors rather than to change systems. The post Vendor Selection vs. Software Selection appeared first on CIMATRI.
  • IBM's next big bet is ... the oil industry Sep 9, 2020
    In partnership with oilfield services giant Schlumberger, IBM is creating a digital platform where oil and gas companies can access real-time data and software to improve operations and give them a competitive advantage.
  • How associations can predict and prevent member churn Sep 9, 2020
    As COVID-19, natural disasters, political scandal and social unrest has roiled 2020, it’s no surprise that many are seeking to look to the future. While technically impossible, predictive modeling can help us discover patterns in member behavior and even predict their future actions. Thomas Altman and Dray McFarlane, predictive analytics experts and co-founders of Tasio, […]
  • Helping companies prioritize their cybersecurity investments Sep 9, 2020
    By securely aggregating sensitive data from cyber-attacks, the SCRAM platform from MIT CSAIL can quantify an organization’s level of security and suggest what to prioritize.
  • When to give your AMC the boot Sep 9, 2020
    If your association uses the service of a for-profit association management company (AMC), then the AMC will have assigned a staff person as a primary point of contact to act as the association’s manager. That places the manager in the difficult position of serving two masters: the client association and the company that signs the […]