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Set your technical strategy in motion

Information technology can be full of monsters. But they’re not so scary once you get to know them. Our IT assessments give you the power to turn technology into your greatest weapon.

The Works:
Comprehensive Assessment Package

Ensure you have the right people, processes, and technology in place with our comprehensive assessment package we like to call “The Works.”

Through both surveys and interviews, this 3-part diagnostic provides an end-to-end IT roadmap that is aligned with the goals of your organization.

The 3 specific assessments in this comprehensive package include:

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Targeted IT Assessments

The Tools You Need to Conquer the 9 Core Competencies of Association IT

Dive deep into specific activities within your IT operation. Each of these targeted assessments can be taken individually, bundled together, or included as add-ins to “The Works” comprehensive package.

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It’s just really not your typical vendor relationship...You’re not dealing with someone that’s just concerned about the bottom line and charging for every little thing. They genuinely care and will work with you to understand the root of your problem and come up with a solution.”

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Head of Information Technology

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  • Assessments
  • Quantitative survey(s)
  • Qualitative interviews
  • Detailed written report of findings
  • Verbal presentation of findings
  • Strategic IT improvement roadmap aligned w/ organizational goals
  • Timeframe
  • Price

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The Combo

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  • 3-10 Weeks
  • $14,000+
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The Works

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