IT Business Alignment Assessment for Associations

A scorecard that measures the IT satisfaction of your key decision makers annually.

This technology assessment is designed for organizations to measure stakeholder satisfaction and use a data driven approach to systematically improve business alignment with IT. You will find out what is most important to the business to get the most value from your resources.

Who It's For

If these red flags sound familiar, the IT Business Alignment Assessment is for you.

IT constraints are impacting the association's ability to reach strategic goals.

We're in trouble. IT is holding us back.

IT projects are not delivered on time.

IT doesn't understand the needs of the business.

I can't rely on our IT to help fulfill our mission.

Departments shop for and buy software without involvement or input from IT.

How It Works

The assessment is low effort and high impact. You will have results in just a few short weeks.


Non-IT stakeholders working in management and executive levels take the survey.


We compile the data and analyze the results.


You receive the results to learn the what users value and their satisfaction with core services.

What Our Clients Say


“They did a lot of the heavy lifting when doing this technology roadmap, because I was new to my position. And it wasn't something that our organization ever had before, so that I don't think I would have gotten to where I got with that without having them working with me...they helped us to situate ourselves so that we can really focus on our people and our processes first.”

Tracy D.
Head of Information Technology


“Cimatri, from my experience, will give you their honest opinion and assessment, which is really valuable...they're not like a consulting firm that will just tell the customer what they want, and then go make it happen...they've always been really good at making sure we start with the strategy and then the IT follows, versus the other way around.”

David J.
Chief Financial Officer

Interested in what you’ll get?

Download a sample IT Business Alignment Assessment report.

How You Get Results

Measure user satisfaction in 13 core IT areas.

Learn which core services are most important to stakeholders.

Identify which areas are causing security friction with users.

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Can we modify the questions?

What is the timeframe to complete the assessment?

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