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Associations and non-profits spend 85% of IT staff time on routine maintenance tasks

What is your operating efficiency? What is your capacity for growth? Are your security measures up to standards?

What if you could re-allocate that staff time to strategic projects?

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One Simple Goal

The overall goal of Concierge IT is to help organizations 'climb the digital maturity ladder' such that the technology organization is positioned as a reliable business partner capable of supporting innovation at scale.

Strategic IT Leadership

Your Cimatri CIO provides IT strategic leadership, oversees all of your Cimatri Concierge IT services, and is focused on advancing IT strategic value within your organization.

IT Operational Management

The Cimatri IT Director’s primary responsibility is to oversee the streamlined operation of your Concierge IT services and your own IT department, ensuring it aligns with the business objectives of the organization.

Your Cimatri IT Director is the single point of responsibility for all operational IT services, service levels, and people.

Service Management

At the foundation of Cimatri Concierge IT is our 24/7 service desk which is available to all of your staff and ready and able to assist with any and every It issue via email, phone, and live chat.

Infrastructure Management

Our team manages your infrastructure, everything from staff laptops to your servers. Our network operations monitor and manage all your devices, keeping them stable, secure, and up to date.

World-class Managed Security

Cimatri's Security Operations Center monitors all your endpoints, your network, and even your cloud services. Our team of security veterans proactively hunt for and remediate activity across your IT enterprise.

Technology Training

Most organizations waste resources through underused technology applications and staff not well trained to use them. We're actively trying to ensure that technology is an advantage to your organization. Built into Concierge IT is a library of online training courses and resources, including live training, delivered through our personalized and targeted training platform.

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Above & Beyond

"Beyond MSP" is the vision of Concierge IT. We do more than keep the lights on -- we help you harness the transformational power of cloud infrastructure while bringing you the best technology thought leaders, and white glove service that brings it all together.

Cimatri was founded on a principle of providing exceptional technology services to associations and non-profits. For many years, our clients have relied on us to provide Virtual CIOs to guide strategic planning, Fractional IT Directors to run daily IT operations, and Project Managers to deploy transformation technologies.

Concierge IT Services builds on this legacy by adding world-class service desk and infrastructure capabilities in the cloud.

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