User Satisfaction Assessment for Associations

Discover what end users really think about your IT capabilities.

This User Satisfaction Assessment allows you to systematically collect feedback from end users so you can focus on improving core processes that have a high impact on productivity and success. 

Who It's For

If any of these red flags apply, then this User Satisfaction Assessment is for you.

IT doesn’t have time to collect information from users about basic services.

There isn’t much communication between IT and the rest of our business.

Are we focusing on IT processes that have a high impact on end users?

I need to justify focusing on critical IT issues that have been around for a while.

Are my technology folks spending time and resources on things that don’t matter?

Is IT missing opportunities to enable our organization to be more productive?

How It Works

Find out what users really think of IT services


We survey all end users across the organization.


We systematically analyze and benchmark the results against peer industry organizations.


You receive results with feedback from staff & priorities to guide improvements.

What Our Clients Say


"[Cimatri helped us] to situate ourselves so that we can really focus on our people and our processes first...It's just really not your typical vendor relationship, which is nice. You're not dealing with someone that's just concerned about the bottom line and charging for every little thing. They genuinely care and will work with you and all stakeholders to understand the root of your problem and come up with a solution that can be digested and discussed."

Tracy D.
Head of Information Technology


"They're very thoughtful and they're good about being strategic. I've worked with other IT consulting firms, and sometimes I think almost everyone I ever worked with was good technically, but sometimes what's missing is connecting it to a strategy - connecting to the bigger goals and objectives first. And my experience with Cimatri is they've always been really good at making sure we start with the people and strategy then the IT follows. They take that perspective consistently and it makes a difference in the end product."

David J.
Chief Financial Officer

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How You Get Results

Capture targeted feedback about your IT services

Open the door for communication between IT and the business

Enable all departments to be more productive by improving IT

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What are the benefits?

What is the timeframe for assessment completion?

How long does the survey take to complete?

Can I customize the survey?

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