The Software Assessment for Associations

Make informed decisions about your applications

This Software Assessment gives you critical feedback from your end-users to help you decide which tools and applications to retire, upgrade, re-train on, or maintain. Imagine the cost savings and efficiency you could enjoy by making data-driven decisions about your technology rather than best guesses.

Who It’s For

If any of these red flags apply, then this Software Assessment is for you.

Our technology platforms and tools don't seem to work well together.

We have an AMS but we struggle with it.

We have lots of applications. Which ones do we really need?

We need a new AMS. How do we make sure it works with our other technologies?

We keep finding errors that seem to be “system failures.”

Our software systems don't seem to be meeting all of our needs.

How It Works

This Software Assessment requires low effort from you but delivers high impact.


Key software users and decision makers take assessment


We analyze the results and develop a strategic plan


You receive detailed priorities and an action plan

What Our Clients Say


"We had people who were making up processes because it was easier that way. So, getting into a discussion about what's working well, and what's not, in terms of the work to be done combined with the application isn't something that you see often out there. A lot of folks facilitate an application, but with Cimatri, we talked about how that application is used, how it enables your staff to be better and smarter, and how you enable customers to serve themselves. All those discussions happen better when you have somebody from the IT side who understands that the use case isn't simply about plugging in the latest application."

Chief Executive Officer


"On more than one occasion I've talked to Cimatri about something like, "Hey, should we get a chat bot?" And they'd respond, "Why do you want a chat bot?" It's not, "Here's the different softwares out there." They ask, "What's the purpose? What's your goal? And is the chat bot the right solution?" They ask the right questions while we had skipped ahead to the cool, fun, shiny technology. Instead they’d say, "All right, sure. You could do that. But depending on your goal, there's probably easier ways that aren't as money or time intensive. If the goal is just to increase customer service, let's think through all the ways you can do that."

David J., CAE, CPA, MBA
Chief Financial Officer

See how it works: Download a sample report.

Interested in what you’ll get? Download a sample Software Assessment report to learn more.

How You Get Results

Assess the health of individual applications and how they work together.

Make confident, informed decisions based on targeted data analysis.

Keep a current, easy-to-update metrics dashboard of each application’s health.

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