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Put an IT pro on your team with one of our fractional advisors

Not knowing what’s behind the IT curtain is scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Put a pro on your team who knows the nooks and crannies of association IT and can translate all the gibberish.

Talk with a certified IT professional

Access to IT Leadership on Your Terms

We understand your association strategy can only be as effective as your technology allows it to be. That’s why our tailored IT consulting programs help you connect strategy to results by ensuring deep alignment between your technology, processes, and people.

Unbiased Vision

Unlike other firms, we don’t sell software. We remain objective in recommending the appropriate systems for your organization and mission—regardless of vendor.

Association Focus

Our certified IT professionals also hold the CAE certification, and we are continually learning and implementing the best practices for associations when it comes to technology.

Part of Your Team

We “adopt” you onto our team to ensure you succeed beyond expectation.

More Than a Report

We treat our client relationships as true partnerships. We’ll sit in at board meetings, learn your team member’s names, and take a hands-on, all-in approach.

Don’t take our word, take theirs:

“Cimatri, from my experience, will give you their honest opinion and assessment, which is really valuable...they're not like a consulting firm that will just tell the customer what they want, and then go make it happen...they've always been really good at making sure we start with the strategy and then the IT follows, versus the other way around.”

David J.
Chief Financial Officer

“Cimitri AI's roadmap has enabled our association to fully engage in our AI journey. With access to attentive guidance and valuable resources at our fingertips, we are confident about our next steps and the implementation of our own, personalized, AI roadmap.”

Cathy B.

Virtual IT Consulting

Our fractional consulting programs are customized for the organization and role.

IT Leadership

Align your IT framework with business priorities and determine a plan to maintain that alignment with our CIO/CTO consulting and coaching solution.

IT Operations

Implement a technology strategy to support your programs and overall business goals with our IT Operations leadership solution.

Project Management

Get control of your projects to effectively steer your teams, resolve issues, and deliver results on time, and on budget.

Ensure all systems
function as a unit

When it comes to association technology, a lot of work happens in the spaces between systems. We bridge the gaps and inefficiencies by determining the best way to integrate and automate your systems to keep everything simple and streamlined.

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