IT Governance & Maturity Assessment

How mature is IT in your association or non-profit?

Benchmark your IT capabilities in minutes with this powerful self-assessment, then get tips to unleash your organization's full potential in the digital age. Let's begin.

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A Powerful (& Free) Self Assessment

Diagnose your organization's strategic capability to steer outcomes at digital speed with this online tool based on Cimatri's robust IT Governance & Management model.

Incremental change and sudden disruption has created a new paradigm for IT governance in which only the agile survive. Today, your IT strategy and process layer must support the scalability and speed of the modern digital enterprise, or you risk descending into obsolescence.

In order to drive deeper member engagement, top-line growth, and the digital transformation that will keep your organization competitive, you first need to get a clear line of sight into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and gaps in your IT governance performance.

Our IT Governance & Maturity Assessment will give you insights across five core practice areas in IT:

Once you know what you do well and should keep doing and where you have gaps, you can build a roadmap to develop your IT maturity and take your organization to the next level.

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