Data Governance

Having quality data easily accessible is the key to making the right strategic decisions for your organization. Data governance program will help you understand what data you have, learn how it is collected and where it is stored, define who is responsible for maintaining it, and how to maintain quality.

Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence can summarize critical information for staff and executives to inform decision making. Dashboards, scorecards, and visualizations can help you make sense of your data and display progress on key performance metrics across the organization. A system of defined touch points with customers can be used to identify your top spenders, your most engaged or your most influential members. If your goal is to give every decision maker across the enterprise, secure access to key metrics with which to make informed decisions, anytime and anywhere, we can help you get there.

Predictive Analytics

With clean accurate data, you begin to forecast member and customer behavior using modeling techniques. You can gain insights that will allow your staff to work smarter, not harder.

Data Warehousing

Associations have data in many sources. Your AMS, your LMS, your online community, your web analytics, your marketing platform, and your financial system, just to name a few. Connecting the data sources and creating the ability to extract key details is the foundation to unlock your data’s potential.