Critical Conversations - Strategic IT

There is little doubt that these are turbulent times.  As we change the rhythm and pace of play within the association workplace, technology has taken an increasingly important role.

What are the right questions to ask at a time when digital technologies may be the key to long-term survival and success?

Here are some starter topics for your strategic planning team:

  1. Do our business plans reflect the full potential of technology to improve our performance?
  2. How will technology continue to change customer engagement in our industry?
  3. What will it take to exceed our customers’ expectations in a digital world?
  4. Is our portfolio of technology investments aligned with opportunities and threats identified in the strategic plan?
  5. How will IT improve our operational and strategic agility?
  6. Do we have the resources and capabilities required to deliver value from IT?
  7. Who is accountable for IT and how do we measure progress?
  8. Are we comfortable with our level of IT risk?
  9. Are we making the most of our technology story?

Disruption is no longer a possibility but rather our current reality.  Now is the time to re-visit the strategic IT plan for your association.

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