What is a “Certified LeanStack Mentor” and why does it matter to you?

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What is a “Certified LeanStack Mentor” and why does it matter to you?

When facing decisions to expand, innovate, reduce or restructure your business, do you spend precious time worrying about how to fix the problem OR is it more effective to first focus on the problem itself?

Many ideas and solutions fail because associations apply the tactics of a traditional business plan and waste resources on a non-sustainable solution. How do you know if your solution will even work? How will you decide where to focus your time and money? What does your success roadmap look like? And most importantly, will your members love your solution as much as you do?

Instead of wasting time and money on ideas not worth pursuing, secure the services of CIMATRI’s Certified LeanStack Mentors who can lead your association through the seven key metrics that will give you quick insights to your business model and guide you in creating your traction roadmap.

With a CIMATRI Certified LeanStack Mentor, you will have effective mentoring and training in the following:

  1. Lean Business Model – Let go of the rigorous business plan and capture your idea on a 1-page Lean Canvas. This enables you to share and update your idea quickly with others.
  1. Traction Model – Don’t get caught in the muck and mire of endless numbers. Chart a roadmap and measure progress using just 7 key metrics. Focus on the right actions – not just the forecasted numbers – to drive the highest impact.
  1. Spring Board – This tool helps you to identify and focus on your riskiest assumptions. Visualize your goals, risks, validation plans and experiments on a single page.
  1. Implementation Support – Our certified mentors are available to help you navigate the process as you begin to quickly execute your new idea and serve your membership.

In the last 15 years, 52% of the Fortune 500 companies have gone extinct because their business models didn’t keep pace with our rapidly changing world. Many companies rested on their past success and customer base and didn’t realize the disruptive opportunities that online connectivity allows. Heed the warning and don’t be left behind. We are here to help. We look forward to working with you as you look to the future and build more sustainable associations.

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