What Can We Do Now? Keeping Employees Engaged and Encouraged

“Unprecedented times!” The headlines grip us and trigger a myriad of fears. Everyone is reaching for hope and stability.

The greatest thing an organization can do for its employees right now is to provide stability and an opportunity to focus on the future. To intentionally create the structure and provide the time for them to dream and brainstorm is a much-needed gift.

With our lives being forced, literally overnight, into the digital world, we need to capture the moment as well as the successes and failures that will serve as the foundation for innovation.

Now is the time for your leadership team to send the message that “we are here, we are forward-thinking, and we will continue to be here long after this pandemic subsides.” But you have to be ready. You have to understand your products and digital experiences both internally and externally.

Don’t waste the real-life digital experience that workers are now facing on a daily basis. Capture new ideas. Discard outdated ones. Forward planning will help relieve the stress caused by doom, gloom and very real fears.

Instead of worrying about “what will happen if my company folds?”, your team can concentrate on the future and all it holds.

Continuous Innovation Workshop

Our Continuous Innovation Workshop is a low-cost training and team-building experience perfectly poised and designed in a blended (digital + F2F) environment to meet your association’s needs. While delivering a fun and interactive experience, it encourages all participants to focus on what is good and possible for the future.

Borrowing concepts from Lean Principles (Ash Maurya, et al), this workshop offers exercises to develop your innovation muscle and will provide a framework that you can use moving forward.

Utilizing the Lean Canvas tool, the workshop has been designed by Cimatri's certified Innovation/LeanStack coach. The Lean Canvas tool is time-tested and will become a hallmark product your team can use internally for decision-making and product viability testing.

Dream Forward to Drive Innovation

Because people are not engaging in many extra-curricular activities during this pandemic, they have more time to think, dream and we can help pivot their fears into positive goals and planning for the future. Dream about what your organization can be. Look inward and identify problems that need solutions.

Never in our collective memory have we been so united in experiencing the ups and downs of the digital space, for both our teams and our client base. Use that familiarity to drive innovation.

Now is the perfect time to focus on the future.

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