Andrew Rowland, MBA

Senior Consultant


Andrew joined Cimatri in 2021.  He spent the last decade working in the K-12 education space operationalizing strategic plans. Clients love his professionalism and ability to balance multiple priorities. He has direct on-the-job expertise in all core areas of IT. He is a graduate of the Flores Executive MBA Program at Louisiana State University. He is one of our resident experts in Microsoft Teams and 365 apps and he has administrator proficiency in several industry software platforms. Andrew lives in Harrisburg, Illinois, with his wife and two young daughters.

Core IT Competencies

  • Extensive on-the-job experience in IT Operations
  • Direct on-the-job experience in IT Strategy and Governance
  • Direct on-the-job experience in Infrastructure Management
  • Direct on-the-job experience in Security and Risk
  • Direct on-the-job experience in Application Management

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