CIO Onboarding Plan for the First 100 Days

This e-book walks you through the top critical things to include in your onboarding as the new Association CIO.

It is intended to serve as a guide to the first 100 days of activities using the framework of People, Process and Technology, which are the three pillars of a high-functioning IT department.

This onboarding should be considered a framework for you as the new CIO to acquire a deep understanding of the organization’s key processes and capabilities while building relationships with its people.

Who this is for:

  • This guide is intended for the newly hired CIO, or head of IT, at an association or non-profit. It contains a comprehensive list of information you’ll need to gather and comprehend to inform your decision-making, as well as the people you need to meet and learn from.
  • This guide contains much information that is also relevant for other senior-level association professionals. Though certain elements are specific to the role of the CIO, or the head of IT, in an association or not-for-profit organization, most information present here is relevant across departments.
  • This guide can also be useful to Human Resource professionals or supervisors tasked with creating a robust onboarding plan for the new head of IT.

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