ChatGPT & Privacy: What Associations and Non-Profits Need to Know

Associations and non-profits work hard to keep their members engaged and informed. With tools like ChatGPT, a powerful text generator by OpenAI, communication becomes more interactive and efficient.

However, with such advancements come questions about privacy and data security. How can associations ensure that they're not unintentionally compromising sensitive information?

David Nield's recent article in Popular Science sheds light on these concerns and offers tangible solutions. Here's what associations and non-profits need to be aware of:

1. Control Your ChatGPT Data

  • Incognito Mode: Activating this mode in ChatGPT ensures OpenAI doesn't use your messages for model improvement. Conversations are cleared when you close the browser but be aware that OpenAI retains chat history for 30 days for monitoring purposes.
  • Export Data: This feature lets users see what OpenAI has stored regarding their interactions.
  • Clear Conversations: You can manually delete chat history, preventing ChatGPT from using it for training.
  • Delete Account: If ever needed, users can opt to delete their ChatGPT account entirely.

2. Take Caution with Shared Information

  • Sensitive Data: It's advised not to share any sensitive or personal information with ChatGPT.
  • Privacy Policy Nuances: OpenAI logs certain data and might share aggregated user statistics with third parties. In specific legal scenarios, personal data might be shared with "affiliates".
  • Public Information Warnings: If a user's public information is available online, ChatGPT might share or reference it. Users can reach out to OpenAI to correct or limit this.

3. Be Cautious with Third-Party ChatGPT Apps

  • Awareness: ChatGPT's technology is being incorporated into third-party tools, bringing additional privacy concerns.
  • Best Practices: It's essential to check app permissions, read associated policies, understand any costs, and research the app developer's background before using third-party tools powered by ChatGPT.

As associations and non-profits explore the capabilities of tools like ChatGPT, it's crucial to approach these with an informed perspective. By understanding and implementing the best practices mentioned above, organizations can ensure they're using these tools responsibly while safeguarding their members' privacy.

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