The Analytics Capability Assessment for Associations 

Most IT shops lack a deep understanding of association’s needs around reporting and analytics, and the only way to provide the organization with insight is to first understand these needs. The Analytics Capability Assessment is a low-effort, high-impact program designed to help you understand, manage, and improve key corporate reports. The Analytics Capability Assessment provides you with a detailed report showing the association's most pressing reporting and analytics needs, so you can focus your improvement efforts to meet them and ensure your analytics and reports are optimized to provide game-changing insight to your association. 

What is the analytics capabilities assessment? 

The analytics assessment ensures that you are getting the right data to the right people at the right time. 

This survey-based assessment uses responses from the primary users of your most important reports to generate a report showing the association’s most pressing reporting and analytics needs so you can focus your improvement efforts on their needs. 

What is the purpose of an analytics assessment? 

This program will help your IT department: 

Measure Staff Satisfaction with AMS Reports 

  • See the big picture with an overall reporting & analytics scorecard. 
  • Assess staff satisfaction with reporting & analytics overall and across 10 different areas. 
  • Uncover opportunities for improvement by report and by department. 

Identify and Address Unmet Needs 

  • Identify new reports that the association needs. 
  • Determine who needs access to self-serve and advanced analytics tools and why. 
  • Work with your key stakeholders to ensure they are satisfied. 

Schedule and Deliver Training Immediately 

  • Untrained staff get limited value out of reports and data which results in a flood of IT support work. 
  • Get a list of leaders and teams requiring training and what they need help with most. 
  • Deliver focused training that will deliver the most value. 

Create & Execute a Staff Engagement Plan 

  • Work with your team to determine key stakeholders who require better reporting. 
  • Assign a manager for each relationship and plan out meeting objectives and frequency. 
  • Engage individual department leaders around their reporting needs. 

How does it work? 

You will provide a list of reports most critical to your association and the primary users of those reports to be surveyed. The primary users of selected reports will be surveyed on 10 overall questions plus six additional questions specific to each report. Survey respondents will receive unique survey links from our partners at Infotech Research group. The survey will take 10-20 minutes of your time. 

There are three main phases: 

  1. Selected participants will fill out the survey. 
  1. The data is analyzed and benchmarked. Survey responses go directly to our partners at InfoTech Research Group and are compared against industry standards, as well as analytics and reporting best practices 
  1. You receive a report and verbal presentation. The final step is a comprehensive report of the analytics capability diagnostic program including department scorecards to determine the effectiveness of analytics tools across departments, a training view to determine specific training needs of stakeholders, an overview of new reporting needs, and report scorecards with detailed insights on each report. 

Who is it for? 

The analytics capability assessment is for associations who are struggling to get the data they need to answer key questions out of their AMS. The intended audience is primary users of selected reports, IT leaders, and other organizational leaders. End-users of the reports will complete the assessment and provide valuable insights on gaps in your reporting and analytics while leaders will oversee directing improvement efforts and closing the gaps in your analytics and reporting needs. 

What are the benefits? 

Once you have completed the assessment your organization will have a clear, data-driven understanding of user satisfaction with current reporting solutions. You will also learn which users need training and what new reports are needed. 

Getting Started 

Take the first step to effectively manage your reporting and analytics. Learn more about our Analytics Capability Assessment for Associations. 

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