Jeremy Frank

IT Analyst

Jeremy joined Cimatri in 2023. He has a BA in Visual and Performing Arts from George Mason University and a Master’s in Library and Information Science from The Catholic University of America. He also has certificates in MacOS and iOS support and repair from Apple along with a certificate in Instructional Design from the University of Illinois. He worked as a technician and technical trainer for Apple Inc. for 16 years. Most recently, he was building internal and external educational systems for tech start-ups.  

Jeremy has always found solving computer problems to be an interesting challenge, but he’s more interested in how it helps the people who are experiencing the issue. “How do people use their technology? How can they use what they have better? How does a person feel when their devices aren’t working the right way and how do we repair those feelings? Solving those types of problems is why I work in IT,” explains Frank.   

When he’s not being a tech hero, Jeremey can be found collecting old video games and new vinyl. He also loves music and horror movies. However, nothing beats dancing with his 3-year-old daughter.  

Core Competencies:   

  • Extensive on-the-job experience in Service Desk
  • Extensive on-the-job experience in People Management

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