Webinar - The Importance of Integrations to Member Retention

Watch this webinar on your own time to get tips for aligning tech strategy with member retention goals.

Your members primarily interact with your association using technology such as your website, LMS, AMS/CRM, and more.

But if your technology platforms are not well integrated, you are likely missing out on key member retention opportunities. 

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • How integrations affect the member experience and member retention
  • Solutions to common integration issues that directly affect your members
  • How to align your technology strategy to decrease friction and increase member retention

What you'll get: insights into how your IT strategy directly impacts member retention and your bottom line - and how to make technology work better for your team and your members.

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Rick Bawcum, CEO, Cimatri

Rick Bawcum, CAE, CISSP

CEO & Founder

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