Office 365 Features Every Association and Nonprofit Should be Using

Associations and nonprofits typically face unique challenges regarding administration. Among these are a limited budget for IT support and staff who are spread across different locations and prefer using their own devices for work.

If these are among your top administrative challenges, then Microsoft Office 365 is a valuable tool that can measurably streamline your staff collaboration and eliminate confusion.

Microsoft Office 365 provides the secure working environment and robust capabilities of installed software along with the "anywhere, anytime" collaborative availability of the cloud.

On top of this, there are other important Office 365 features and tools that are particularly useful for associations and nonprofits.

Top Office 365 Features for Associations and Nonprofits

Office 365 makes staff communication and conferencing, email, secure information storage, and software usage a snap.

No more worries about what version of which software a team member uses that may cause problems, expensive upgrades, or digital storage headaches.

And Office 365 plans are versatile for different sized associations or nonprofits who only need certain features and deal with limited budgets.

Here are some key benefits for associations and nonprofits.

Feature #1 Office Web Apps

Have you ever returned home and discovered that you forgot an important document that needed a critical update? Do you go back for it now or rush in early tomorrow to complete the task?

With Office Web Apps you can settle into your favorite chair and open to view, or edit documents on a variety of devices directly from your Chrome, IE, Firefox, or Safari browser.

You and your staff can enjoy using Office 365 on up to five of your own devices, providing needed flexibility to perform work whenever and wherever necessary.

Feature #2 Yammer Social Networking

Do you wish you had a quick and easy way to communicate with association staff and shareholders within your network, all while keeping important data and conversations secure?

Almost all Office 365 plans include Yammer, Microsoft's internal social network for organizations. Yammer can make it simple for you to connect, collaborate, share, edit, and manage content right in the app.

Easily organize responsibilities with volunteers, staff, and stakeholders. Built-in analytics and advanced security technology make it easier to track and interpret activity across your association or nonprofit network.

Feature #3 Security and Privacy

Do you worry about the security of your information?

Office 365 is fully compliant with industry security standards like HIPAA and FISMA. If your association or nonprofit collects and maintains sensitive personal information, you can be assured that your data is completely protected in the cloud. Spam and malware protection is a built-in feature for your email.

IT personnel can oversee and even customize your organization’s security options from a single console in the web-based administration center.

Feature #4 Web and Voice Conferencing

Is it virtually impossible to gather all the necessary personnel for important meetings? Are you tired of sharing notes and documents via email with absent team members?

Skype for Business is a great all-in-one tool for voice calls, instant messaging, video calls, and even web conferencing.

Hold fully collaborative meetings with staff and volunteers from innumerable locations with high-definition video conferencing. Skype for Business also includes a note-taking feature so everyone can keep track of ideas and notes from your meetings in real-time.

Feature #5 24/7 IT Support

Are you frustrated trying to rely on volunteer or part-time IT staff who can never be on site when they are needed?

For those associations or nonprofits that enjoy little or no in-house IT staff, Microsoft provides 24/7 professional-level technical support for simple to critical issues.

Depending on the plan you choose, you can call and receive real-time answers and support whenever you need it and from any location.

Office 365 Nonprofit Plans and Pricing

If you are an eligible association, nonprofit, or charity (US IRS code 501(c)(3)), you can obtain donated and/or discounted Enterprise and Small Business Office 365 versions.

Every version includes robust Office 365 features to help you run your nonprofit securely and efficiently, and with much less cost. And because nonprofits come in every size, there are five plans from which you can choose.

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