When Failing is Good

Failing doesn’t seem like it would be part of the solution for a successful business. But in reality, failing is actually a foundational piece to long-term success.

Fear motivates us to not take chances, to stay the course and keep on doing what has already worked. Sometimes for decades. Boards tend to be averse to blessing projects and decisions that stray too far from the known business model. Employees get comfortable in their rote routine.

The entire organization focuses on NOT failing – so when is failing good?

Failing Fast

As a leader, you need to be equipped with the right tools and processes to fail fast. In our demanding digital culture, members are looking for current products and quick solutions delivered in five-minute soundbites on their devices.

Your organization cannot afford to spend months, even years, designing business plans, prototypes and guessing at market demands.

Historically we have been taught that sound processes include all of the above but unfortunately, using those strategies cost time and money bringing a product to market.

You need to learn to take an idea and pressure test it by developing a one-page business model that can be circulated to your team and board members that enable you to fail fast at the WRONG idea and focus your resources to launch the right one.


The LeanStack process teaches you how to generate ideas, design a one-page business model, consider the nine areas of a sound idea all in 20 minutes or less.

Through this process, your team will be guided on how to think about the problems rather than the solutions. It has revolutionized how companies around the world have adopted this new development model to save time, investment and hit market targets more effectively.

Cimatri has developed a process utilizing tools from the Harvard Business School and with our Certified LeanStack Mentor/Coach designed to meet your unique needs and teach your team how to be more effective, efficient and creative.

The investment in this process will save you time, money and increase your market success rates.  Your organization will learn how to fail fast to achieve quick success.  That is when failing is good.

If your association is looking for transformationcontact us to learn more about how The LeanStack process can bring forth success.

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