IT Staffing Assessment: Everything you Need to Know

As you consider the question of IT Staffing, you should be asking, do I know how IT time is being spent toward our strategic priorities? Are there any organizational design issues that can be corrected? And are my IT staff properly deployed and managed to effectively drive results? According to Infotech 67% of IT staff time is spent on administration and maintenance. This may include emails, meetings, and non-essential interruptions.  

Our comprehensive IT Staffing Assessment report shows you exactly where IT staff time is going and whether or not it is effectively driving results. You can use the assessment results to communicate how IT staff support the business and use included feedback from your staff to guide improvement. 

By taking part in this IT Staffing Assessment, you are taking the first step towards turning your IT department into a powerhouse by improving your ability to grow, deploy, and manage your team. This program will help your IT department:  

Communicate & Justify ITs Headcount   

  • Visualize which IT functions your team are and aren't working on.   
  • Demonstrate the relationship between staffing levels and IT performance.   
  • See your key staffing metrics at a glance and how they compare against peers associations.  

Reallocate Staff Against Key Service Areas  

  • Address misalignment between the priority of each service area and its staffing level.   
  • Determine if performance issues are caused by a lack of staff or poor execution.  
  • Uncover under/overstaffed areas and validate against industry benchmarks.  

Identify Low-Value Activities & Wasted Time

  • Evaluate where time can be reclaimed from administrative activities and time sinks.  
  • Evaluate resource time spent on high-value vs low-value activities.   
  • Identify IT areas where a disproportionate amount of time is spent on meetings, emails, and low-value work.   
  • Reduce wasteful activities to create more time for productive work and improvement initiatives.  

Engage Your Team on How to Improve IT

  • Manage teams better by gathering feedback about how your staff wants to be managed.  
  • Assess effectiveness across 7 drivers, including process, technology, and team skills, to determine which improvements to focus on.   
  • Get staff feedback on improvement ideas, using a stop/start/continue framework.   
  • Use our templates to create a targeted improvement plan for each IT function.  

 What’s included in the results? 

The assessment will include data on where your IT staff is spending their time, what IT functions are being covered by your current staff, and where IT feels they could use more hands. 

The assessment will also evaluate your IT team on seven drivers of team effectiveness: 

  • Processes & Procedures - do the processes and procedures in place enable your IT staff to do their jobs effectively? 
  • Technology - does your technology enable them to do their jobs effectively? 
  • Skill Sets - does your team have the right skills to execute effectively? 
  • Absence of Organizational Barriers - is your team able to execute effectively without organizational or political barriers? 
  • Staffing Level - does your team have the appropriate staffing level to executive effectively? 
  • Opportunity to Reduce Waste - is there an opportunity to eliminate wasteful or low-value activities in different IT areas to run more efficiently? (Think: move to the Cloud, for example.) 
  • Opportunity to Innovate - is there an opportunity to run different IT areas more effectively by using innovative approaches or solutions? (Perhaps a managed service provider or outsourced helpdesk.) 

Industry benchmarking is included and based on data from participating organizations, so we can provide meaningful results relevant to your organization.  

How Does it Work? 

The IT staffing survey will go out to all IT personnel, including the CIO. It contains six questions plus 5 additional questions per IT function selected and is estimated to take about 15 minutes of staff time. Infotech recommends that 100% of staff selected to participate completes the survey for the most useful and accurate results.  After all staff have completed the survey and the results are in, Cimatri will meet with you to walk you through your results and provide association-specific insights from one of our experienced consultants. 

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Ready to take the first step towards turning your IT department into a powerhouse by improving your ability to grow, deploy, and manage your team? Download our IT Staffing Assessment to get started.

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