IT Program Management – What Are We Working On?

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According to Info-Tech Research, “most organizations underestimate the value that a unifying process/framework will have across numerous related IT projects.”

Multiple projects, day-to-day tasks and objectives, and the regular job of IT “keeping the lights on,” can interfere with stakeholders understanding what progress is being made on important IT initiatives and what gaps exist between IT delivery and the organization’s business requirements.

Is Your Organization Ready for IT Program Management?

How do you know your organization is ready for IT program management?  You may begin to hear grumblings from staff, like: ”I asked for that six months ago but I haven’t seen it,” or “I don’t know where my issue is on the list.”  The IT team begins to use words like, “swamped,” or “firehose,” or “I don’t know what my priority is, what do I work on next?”

An answer to these issues is the establishment of formal Program Management. The goals are organization and visibility--- getting a holistic view of all projects, priorities, and tasks that IT is being asked to tackle

Establishing Your Plan

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