Jennifer Thompson, PHD

Jennifer Thompson, PHD

Principal Consultant - Culture and Communication


Like many women of her generation, Jennifer’s career has been an expression of her emphasis on family and social issues. In addition to raising a family, she is a serial entrepreneur, a published author, and a founding partner in several successful business endeavors. Her academic accomplishments include the completion of a Ph.D. in Communication Studies from the University of Denver. Her research focuses on interpersonal and intercultural communication and she is the author of academic papers, an article published in Communication Quarterly, and her work is cited in numerous academic papers and published journal articles. Jennifer also served as assistant editor of Constituting Cultural Difference Through Discourse: International and Intercultural Communication Annual. She collaborated on a published Tanzanian research study focusing on the resilience of at-risk children underwritten by the Rockefeller Foundation. Jennifer taught undergraduate courses on Culture and Communication, Organizational Communication and Negotiation and Conflict Management at the University of Denver, the University of Denver Women’s College and the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Jennifer has always been interested in understanding how groups co-create identity through dialogue and joint story-telling. This knowledge base and her skills in qualitative research creates a significant advantage for organizations engaged in Customer Journey Mapping and Service Design. Story-telling and organizational conversations can also serve as a tool for culture change. Inherent in story-telling are shared norms, beliefs and understandings that can point to both current and aspirational culture styles.

Jennifer enjoys travel, whether it be with her husband, girlfriends or adult children and grandchildren of all ages. She loves art, theater, history, architecture, great food and a warm tropical breeze.

Professional Highlights:

  • Principle Consultant – CIMATRI
  • Author – Communication Quarterly
  • Assistant Editor – International and Intercultural Communication
  • Undergraduate Teacher – Culture and Communication