Technology Assessment – Digital Transformation – Business Integration – System Selection…

Technology Assessment

Few businesses today can survive without technology assets, management consulting, and a focus on IT services. Since the industrial revolution, innovation in the form of technology has provided strategic advantage, operational efficiency, and higher standards of living.

Technology and IT strategy cannot stand alone. Even ‘technology companies’ must focus on identifying the needs of their customers, matching and exceeding their competition, and managing costs. Business solutions are empowered by technology.

CIMATRI’s Technology and Management Consulting practice employs a specific methodology designed to align your technology efforts to you business strategy. Our consultants come from diverse backgrounds and have held leadership positions in financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing and non-profit organizations.

Our technology and management consulting practice is focused on making your vision a reality. We have a proven track record of helping organizational leaders evaluate, select and implement technical strategies and processes.

Digital Transformation

Digital business is moving routine work to the sidelines, while increasing the tight partnership between people, computers and other digital resources. A coherent digital strategy requires a deep understanding of people, processes and digital technology landscape to create a road map for transforming processes and business models. Cimatri’s digital transformation consulting helps companies adopt and implement digital technologies to create unique value proposition for customers and drive innovation and growth.   Digital business strategies typically drive:

  • An accelerated rate of change in technologies, skills, products and work practices
  • An unprecedented supply of continuous data and information of all types
  • A surge in digital connections between customers, business partners and things
  • A strong need for versatile employees who excel at digital, non routine work

Business Integration

Business integration strategically aligns a company’s business goals with its technology architecture & solutions.  Data integration, business process integration, application integration and more are encompassed within the greater scope of business integration and all play a critical role. Business integration is a reflection of how IT is being absorbed as a function of business. It allows organizations to leverage their existing processes, people, technology, and information to stay ahead of the competition.

System Selection

We understand how much rides on your association’s system selection decision. Your organization’s success and credibility relies on the technological infrastructure you use to manage operations and serve your members and constituents.

We are immersed in the latest technological innovations impacting associations and are entirely independent, having no vested interest in any product or service we recommend. Our background in association management paired with our technical expertise provides you with a unique partner committed to the association community.
Due to our vast knowledge of the association marketplace, we are called upon to help organizations with all sorts of selections. Among them are the common acronyms—AMS, CMS, FMS, LMS—as well as software for managing certifications, accreditations, exhibits, data, and so on.

Determining the optimal solution does not guarantee success. Comprehensive implementation, training and maintenance practices ensure that your investment is optimized to perform and sustain. We are here to guide you through these highly technical implementations because we are a team and your organization’s success is our success.



vCIO – vCTO – vCLO…


Are you lacking technology leadership? Maybe you need interim technology assistance while you search for the right staff member. Or you’re short staffed and need someone to fill the gap. Consider CIMATRI and a vCIO. A vCIO, or virtual CIO, is a consultant that serves as an organization’s Chief Information Officer. The vCIO collaborates with and advises clients’ and performs the same functions as a conventional CIO. These duties can include formulating strategic IT goals, planning the IT budget, analyzing and reworking business processes and facilitating technology changes. A vCIO can work with customers to plan a technology roadmap or identify opportunities to use new technology tools. CIMATRI’s vCIO’s takes a broad view of the client, focusing on business and IT alignment.  Our vCIO’s understand the Association Business, not just Technology.  CIMATRI’s vCIO’s bring decades of experience working for and with major associations so you can feel confident that your IT team is in good hands.


Do you need a new association management system?  Are you ready to move everything to the Cloud?  You’ve set your strategy and now you are ready to move forward.  Consider one of CIMATRI’s vCTO’s. A vCTO, or virtual CTO, is a consultant that serves as an organization’s Chief Technology Officer. The vCTO will help you identify, plan and implement the right technology. Or the vCTO can help customers maintain their IT infrastructure — keeping the lights on. CIMATRI’s vCTO’s advise and guide your organization by providing the best technology solutions to help you maximize efficiency. Hiring a full time CTO can be cost prohibitive so let one of CIMATRI’s vCTO’s fill this role. Our vCTOs are experts in association IT whether you are looking for an AMS, a community management system, data warehousing and analytics, or other technologies, CIMATRI’s vCTO’s bring decades of experience working for and with major associations.


Offering members up-to-date learning opportunities and a database of industry specific information is a foundational need for any association.  In the digital era, information overload affects most professionals.  Your members need you to sift through the good and the garbage and offer the most succinct, targeted information and learning opportunities available.  Do you have the right learning interface?  Are you offering the best information in a format that is easily accessible to your membership?  What is your strategic learning plan? CIMATRI has the support you need through our highly experienced vCLO’s or virtual Chief Learning Officers.  Our vCLO’s can act as a consultant or fill the role of a CLO for your organization.  Hiring CIMATRI’s vCLOs will provide you with the best-in-class experienced professionals while saving you precious resources.  Whether you need to develop a learning department, design a learning strategic and management plan, evaluate the proper learning infrastructure, infuse micro-credentialing, certification, accreditation or e-learning opportunities, we have you covered.  Don’t waste another minute in updating your learning resources – your members depend on it!


Data Governance – Data Intelligence – Predictive Analytics – Data Warehousing…

Data Governance

Having quality data easily accessible is the key to making the right strategic decisions for your organization. Data governance program will help you understand what data you have, learn how it is collected and where it is stored, define who is responsible for maintaining it, and how to maintain quality.

Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence can summarize critical information for staff and executives to inform decision making. Dashboards, scorecards, and visualizations can help you make sense of your data and display progress on key performance metrics across the organization. A system of defined touch points with customers can be used to identify your top spenders, your most engaged or your most influential members. If your goal is to give every decision maker across the enterprise, secure access to key metrics with which to make informed decisions, anytime and anywhere, we can help you get there.

Predictive Analytics

With clean accurate data, you begin to forecast member and customer behavior using modeling techniques. You can gain insights that will allow your staff to work smarter, not harder.

Data Warehousing

Associations have data in many sources. Your AMS, your LMS, your online community, your web analytics, your marketing platform, and your financial system, just to name a few. Connecting the data sources and creating the ability to extract key details is the foundation to unlock your data’s potential.


Journey Mapping…

Journey Mapping

Do you understand how your association’s members perceive your organization? Are you confident that you are meeting the needs of your members, even as those needs change over time? Though you are familiar with back office functions, are you and staff aware of the journey the individual members must take to engage and interact with your organization? Are you confident that all touchpoints of interaction with your organization are meeting the expectations of members in a manner that is efficient, pleasant and stress free?

Engaging the process of Customer Journey Mapping assists your organization in answering these questions from the membership’s perspective, giving new insight into Service Design planning.


Exactly what is Customer Journey Mapping and how may utilizing this tool inform association Service Design processes to improve member experiences and add value to the association?

Customer Journey Mapping employs two powerful tools: storytelling and visualization. Storytelling captures thoughts and emotions derived from grounded research using in-depth ethnographic style interviews. The visualization, or map is a diagram of the touchpoints and various communication channels within a service process. Critical information concerning the member’s experience is layered onto the map, including members’ positive and negative thoughts and emotions. “Journey mapping creates a holistic view of customer experience, and it’s this process of bringing together and visualizing disparate data points that can engage otherwise disinterested stakeholders from across groups and spur collaborative conversation and change.” (Kate Williamson, July 31, 2016. When and How to Create Customer Journey Maps, blog)

Most notably, this process does not begin from the perspective of business processes, systems or employees, and then, simply add in member experiences. Instead, Customer Journey Mapping starts with the experiences of the member. It documents what they do, and should always include what they think and how they feel, as they interact with the touchpoints of the association. Developing authentic understandings of the members’ experiences across front and back-stage touchpoints can serve a dual purpose, improving the customer experience and optimizing business processes. Journey maps are customizable and may include different information depending on the stakeholder’s needs and the desired level of relevant detail. However, the most important element on every map is the member’s journey across all touchpoints of the organization.


The main point of constructing this visualization of the member’s journey is to empower informed decision-making by all stakeholders to benefit members and add value to the association. Journey mapping is a collaborative endeavor, and as a final product, is more authentic when all stakeholders are willing to participate in a co-created product. The quality of the final visualizations, and ultimately the power it lends to insightful decision making is dependent on a collaborative effort and a willingness to engage with the data gathered to create journey maps based on truthful narratives. In fact, many organizations that have used journey mapping have found the actual co-creative process, itself, to be of great value. Engaging management and staff with members’ stories reminds everyone in the organization that members are real people who belong to your organization for many different reasons. Their multiple needs and concerns are a reality that may have become lost in the day-to-day business environment. These organizations have found that participating together is an excellent way to foster empathy toward members through enriched understandings, sparking insights that can lead to improved service processes that not only meet members’ needs, but exceed their expectations. In addition, journey mapping is ideal as a culture building exercise. In the co-creating process of journey mapping, collaboratively making informed decisions about Service Design, association employees will, by necessity, be exploring the organizations shared assumptions, values and beliefs.


Customer Journey Mapping can be a complex process. It is helpful to engage an outside professional to do interviews, gather data and guide your organization and its employees through this worthwhile process. The CIMATRI team has expertise in research, communication and culture. We can help!


Learning Management and Strategic Plans – Certification, Accreditation, Micro-Learning – E-Learning Content and Platforms…

Learning Management and Strategic Plans

Baby Boomers are leaving the workplace in droves and digital natives are taking their place.  Yet, most associations have not kept pace with the quickly changing digital environment.  Learning has moved from a “good to have” to a “must have” as a top priority to meet the needs of your membership.  What is your business use case?  What platform should you use?  Will you offer e-learning, micro-courses, badging, podcasts?  A focused learning management plan will offer you short, mid and long-term goals to achieve the best outcome for your organization.  The comprehensive plan incorporates development strategies in four areas:  people, product, process and infrastructure.  Recommendations are provided based on system audits, needs and budgets.  Don’t waste precious resources on outdated, oversized or undersized systems.  Commit to a plan and be intentional about your priorities and actions through implementation of the CIMATRI Learning Management and Strategic Plan.

Certification, Accreditation, Micro-Learning

Professionals join associations for both networking and professional development opportunities.  Do you offer Continuing Education Credits (CEC)?  Has your membership expressed a need for micro-learning?  What about accreditation? Our experts can guide you through the process to adopt or improve any of these strategies.

What is micro-learning?  Micro-learning is a short learning experience designed with the busy professional in mind that is offered in segments up to 30 minutes and feature a targeted subject or skill.  It can include a quick review of materials, self-assessments, short videos or written material.  Learners can earn badges upon the successful completion of the micro-learning lessons which can show mastery towards the completion of a full course.

E-Learning Content and Platforms

Is your e-learning platform the right size for your association?  Are you overbuying assets you don’t need?  Can it offer solutions across different digital devices?  What about the content?  These are all critical questions that will be answered through our analysis that identifies your learning and development objectives and matches it to your assets and needs.  Once the analysis has been completed, a e-learning content and platform roadmap and implementation plan will be developed to ensure your association has the best fit for the resources that are available.

CIMATRI also offers an Learning Management System (LMS) strategy approach in which we meet with your IT department, key stakeholders and members to recommend the right solution for your needs.  We can lead you through the entire process from creating the vision and structuring the process through issuing RFP’s (Request for Proposals) and guiding you through the correct selection and implementation process.