Certain full-time talent is often beyond the means—or needs— of an association. CIMATRI can provide technology talent on demand as ‘virtual’ resources that are cost-effective and efficient. Our consultants are experienced technology executives who have “been there,” and bring their expertise to your organization as needed.   

virtual cio

A CIO has many roles in an organization. Leading the IT organization is one role— understanding its technology must be a core competency for the CIO. Additionally, the CIO must be able to understand and articulate the business context of these systems to all sorts of people— boards, staff, members, and vendors. 

A CIMATRI “virtual” CIO allows organizations all the benefits of an experienced IT Executive on a fractional basis.  CIMATRI’s consultants have the added benefit of exposure to a broad range of association clients, bringing you the best practices from across the industry. CIMATRI’s Virtual CIOs offer a holistic, “wide angle” view of how technology is used in associations and can assist them in addressing their unique challenges.  


A fundamental skillset for any engagement with CIMATRI is our ability to analyze business needs and to provide project management skills required to deliver solutions.  

Whether it is for a large, ongoing project in conjunction with another of our services or a one-off, “help-me-get-this-done” project, CIMATRI consultants can provide Business Analyst and Project Manager skills to help you deliver meaningful solutions.  


CIMATRI’s Continuous Innovation Program offers organizations a chance to develop their innovation skills.   

Our certified Lean Innovation Coach guides your team through exercises that quickly open up the possibilities and help you select the best ideas to move forward.   

Additionally, post-workshop coaching is available on-demand for those times you just have an idea that needs thinking through.   


Your website is often the first thing an audience sees when reaching out to your organization.  CIMATRI’s Website Transformation services offer a comprehensive approach to putting your best digital foot forward for your audience: