To establish an actionable technology strategy, you must understand: Your current environment – “what isYour goal – “what should be and Your governance – “how do we get there”? 


CIMATRI consultants specialize in helping you develop plan to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, i.e., establishing a Technology Roadmap.   

Steps include: 


Critical to keeping your organization’s technology healthy is knowing what to do— quickly— when a situation arises that might threaten ongoing business.   

For instance, what if: 

CIMATRI’s experienced consultants can help you build a comprehensive plan to manage the crises and situation which threaten your organization’s on-going operations.   


Supporting the business of the association is the first directive of IT, but it can be difficult to match the mindsets of the stakeholders and the CIO to gain the most effective team dynamics. IT leadership needs the tools to understand business priorities and how to support them.   

CIMATRI consultants, in partnership with Info-Tech research, have developed tools which help the CIO/IT Director get “into the head” of stakeholders and understand their perspectivesDetailed report cards give you reference points and show you where alignment needs to happen 


Rarely is there only one IT project in play at once, and projects can span non-IT departments which are reliant upon technology.  This requires someone who has the bandwidth and “wide-angle” view to manage multiple projects, as well as the ability to lead teams to successful project completion. The goal of program management is to manage projects which together improve your organization’s overall performance  

CIMATRI’s consultants are experienced at all levels of project and program management and can offer you the expertise thadrives tangible benefits for your organization.