Research amplifies our expertise.  Research informs our strategies, accelerates the delivery of solutions, and leads to high-quality outcomes. InfoTech’s body of knowledge is additive to CIMATRI’s expertise and experience.  It multiplies our experience by orders of magnitude through the collective experience of thousands of subject matter experts. Bottom line:  Research makes us better consultants.  We include research and best practices in EVERY solution that we deliver. 


CIMATRI’s partner, Info-Tech, offers the latest and most comprehensive IT industry benchmarks which can be applied by CIMATRI to your organization.  This eliminates the guesswork— “we think this is true” — and allows you confidence that your decision is based on experience and applicable data. 

Best practices

Through our years of experience in the association IT arena, CIMATRI’s consultants are well-versed in how adhering to industry best practices can eliminate problems and improve your IT performance.  Backed by Info-Tech research, we apply those best practices to your IT processes, procedures, and resources to give you confidence you are doing the right thing.   

tools and templates

CIMATRI uses Info-Tech’s exhaustive toolsets and templates along with CIMATRI’s proprietary materials to organize and document each step of any engagement and provide clear insights into processes and outcomes.   

data-driven frameworks

While our experience in the association industry gives us great insight, our partnership with Info-Tech provides additional support in the form of the best data and research.  Using step by step frameworks, detailed use cases, templates and tools eliminates the guesswork and supports quality decisions.