Learning Management

Is your association prepared to evolve with the advancements in the business learning environment? A focused learning management plan will offer you short, mid and long-term goals to achieve the best outcome for your organization. Are you offering your members professional development such as certification, accreditation and micro-learning opportunities? Is your e-learning platform the right size for your association? CIMATRI will guide your association in determining the optimal learning management system (LMS) for your association’s needs.

Learning Management and Strategic Plans

Baby Boomers are leaving the workplace in droves and digital natives are taking their place.  Yet, most associations have not kept pace with the quickly changing digital environment.  Learning has moved from a “good to have” to a “must have” as a top priority to meet the needs of your membership.  What is your business use case?  What platform should you use?  Will you offer e-learning, micro-courses, badging, podcasts?  A focused learning management plan will offer you short, mid and long-term goals to achieve the best outcome for your organization.  The comprehensive plan incorporates development strategies in four areas:  people, product, process and infrastructure.  Recommendations are provided based on system audits, needs and budgets.  Don’t waste precious resources on outdated, oversized or undersized systems.  Commit to a plan and be intentional about your priorities and actions through implementation of the CIMATRI Learning Management and Strategic Plan.

Certification, Accreditation, Micro-Learning

Professionals join associations for both networking and professional development opportunities.  Do you offer Continuing Education Credits (CEC)?  Has your membership expressed a need for micro-learning?  What about accreditation? Our experts can guide you through the process to adopt or improve any of these strategies.

What is micro-learning?  Micro-learning is a short learning experience designed with the busy professional in mind that is offered in segments up to 30 minutes and feature a targeted subject or skill.  It can include a quick review of materials, self-assessments, short videos or written material.  Learners can earn badges upon the successful completion of the micro-learning lessons which can show mastery towards the completion of a full course.

E-Learning Content and Platforms

Is your e-learning platform the right size for your association?  Are you overbuying assets you don’t need?  Can it offer solutions across different digital devices?  What about the content?  These are all critical questions that will be answered through our analysis that identifies your learning and development objectives and matches it to your assets and needs.  Once the analysis has been completed, an e-learning content and platform roadmap and implementation plan will be developed to ensure your association has the best fit for the resources that are available.


CIMATRI also offers a Learning Management System (LMS) strategy approach in which we meet with your IT department, key stakeholders and members to recommend the right solution for your needs.  We can lead you through the entire process from creating the vision and structuring the process through issuing RFP’s (Request for Proposals) and guiding you through the correct selection and implementation process.