What are Managed Transformation Services?

Managed Transformation Services represents an evolution of the rigid, consumption based managed services model. Managed Transformation Services for Associations encapsulates services in three areas critical to successful digital transformations:

  • Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Operations Management

What are the Characteristics of Digital Maturity?

  • Accepts risk of failure as a natural part of transformation
  • Actively implementing initiatives to increase agility
  • Values and encourages experimentation
  • Recognized and rewards collaboration across silos as an operating model
  • Increasingly organized around cross-functional and agile project teams

  • How does Agile Methodology Work?

    It is a method of project management that inspires adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement, and it encourages rapid and flexible response to change. Solutions are discovered and evolve through collaborative efforts with cross-functional teams.

    What is the Best Approach for Change Management?

    What is the Best Approach for Change Management?

    1. Create a digital culture: Implement systematic changes in organizational structure and workforce management.
    2. Play the long game: Plan 5-10 years and incorporate BOTH core business capabilities and technology drivers.
    3. Experiment then scale: Small “I” innovations lead to enterprise solutions.
    4. Be a talent magnet: Place emphasis on developing digital skills alongside traditional management competencies.
    5. Exercise digital leadership: Industry 4.0 (industrial production combined with modern information and communication technology).