Scenario planning for associations how to

How do you compete successfully in a rapidly changing world? Two important factors critical to success in fast-moving and complex business environments are adaptation and speed.

Speed is one aspect of adaptation, and is critical to success in complex and fast changing environments. The other aspect of adaptation is the ability to handle complexity. How do you handle the unexpected? Do you simply react, or do you respond with a well-ordered and pre-conceived process?

In this download we give you what you need to be successful in your association/organization planning process.

Membership Journey Mapping Workshop-Planning

Journey maps document every touch point and step that occurs and every channel in play during each customer interaction to tell a complete story. This can be a potential member’s path from consideration to membership to engagement, or a members’ service path from problem to resolution. Because they visually simplify complex human interactions into easily understood diagrams, they are a very powerful tool for grasping the reality of customers’ experiences and sharing this understanding across organizational functions.

In this download we give you what you need to be successful in serving your members and providing them the journey they expect and need.

ASAE Annual Workshops 2017 Annual Meeting

Leading an organization is a bit of a conundrum; it’s a lonely role, as you are the only one who holds the unique set of roles and its responsibilities, yet, you are also part of a team. Moreover, the role navigates internal and external dynamics that often have competing goals. Lastly, you’re always expected to do more with less.

  • Explore current trends and practices that impact daily work, for example, change management practices, restructures, developing a powerful senior leadership team, etc.
  • Devise the best practices to work with board members and outside community interests.
  • Discover how to lead the organization’s members to a new level of engagement, productivity, and industry value.

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The Internet of Things, or IoT promises to transform our personal and business lives over the next five years.  Organizations such as CIsco, IBM and McKinsey predict a 300X increase in the number of connected devices by 2025.  What does this mean for your organization?  How should you be planning to take advantage of this technology?  What will your customer expect from your IoT solution?

We answer these questions and more in our report on the Internet of Things.