Cyber security has become a prime focus of c-suites and boardrooms on a global scale. Security breaches at Target and the US Office of Personnel Management are only the tip of the iceberg on the threat landscape.

Many of us think of cyber security breaches as singular events perpetrated by solitary ‘hackers’.  A more accurate view is to think of cyber-threats as an integrated industry, working for financial, ideological, political or commercial advantage. The archetype of the hacker ranges from ‘script kiddies’ to nation-states… many with endless resources to apply towards their illicit activities.

Hackers are able to take advantage of various tools on the ‘dark nets’ that accelerate their ability to penetrate your defenses. Once a breach is successful, the perpetrators find a ready market for your confidential information on the same dark nets.  Email addresses, organization charts, credit card info, account logins, passport information, and bank account numbers are prime targets.

Protecting your organization requires diligence, intelligence and a range of tools capable of identifying which threats are relevant.  It not a matter of if you will be attacked… it’s a matter of when.  The time-to-discovery for most breaches is now more than 250 days.  This means that the attackers are likely already present in your ecosystem.

CIMATRI team members are certified cyber security professionals with extensive background in threat assessment and mitigation.  We start with assessing your current capabilities and vulnerabilities, then help you build an action plan for on-going threat management.  We can even manage the entire threat management function for you with our Managed Security Services platform.