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Membership Journey Mapping Workshop-Planning

Associations spend a lot of time and money trying to create experiences that provide a differentiated and highly valued product or service. But they often approach the subject with an internal point-of-view and create experiences that they think customers will like instead of what customers might actually need. This is known as an “inside-out” viewpoint.

Unfortunately, doing business this way can result in a fragmented series of experiences that leave members frustrated. In the new omni-channel world of empowered consumers and cross-channel interactions, a negative experience in one channel or across channels can be disastrous to customer loyalty.

Journey maps document every touch point and step that occurs and every channel in play during each customer interaction to tell a complete story. This can be a potential member’s path from consideration to membership to engagement, or a members’ service path from problem to resolution. Because they visually simplify complex human interactions into easily understood diagrams, they are a very powerful tool for grasping the reality of customers’ experiences and sharing this understanding across organizational functions.

In this download we give you what you need to be successful in serving your members and providing them the journey they expect and need.

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