Cloud Managed Services - Hybrid Cloud - Public Cloud

The single most disruptive technology of the past decade has been cloud computing. While cloud computing is a simple concept, there are myriad options that might apply to your organization.

Depending upon your particular situation, a publicprivate, or hybrid cloud configuration may be appropriate.  There is no one-size-fits-all cloud solution. Moving to the cloud requires a careful inventory and assessment of your current applications, short- and long-term organizational goals, and thorough knowledge of the capabilities of each cloud platform.

The premise of cloud computing is to make technology available ‘as-a-Service’ or on-demand over the internet. Whether to use Infrastructure-as-a-ServicePlatform-as-a-ServiceSoftware-as-a-Service, or a fully Managed Services Provider can be an intimidating decision.

How does a cloud managed service solution help associations?

  • Fresh and updated software
  • Flexible costs
  • Uptime
  • Mobile availability
  • Increased and improved collaboration
  • Quick reduction of expenses
  • Flexible service options to increase and decrease as needs change

CIMATRI experts have been implementing cloud solutions for associations since the beginning. We spotted the opportunity to reduce cost and time-to-market early on.  Our team has developed the assessment processes, implementation procedures and service management protocols to make cloud implementations successful over the long term.